Monday, January 21, 2008

Improving the Site

I've started adding to the website for Linnaeus'Legacy, adding links to the sites that have hosted and those that have contributed (and remember, if you want to be recognised as a host rather than a contributor, then volunteer!). I've also started adding links to taxonomically oriented sites. If you'd like to suggest a link that should appear on the site, let me know.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Edition #3 Available

Linnaeus' Legacy # 3 is up and running (well, has been for a couple of days to be honest) at Greg Laden's Blog. A few chosen keywords: specialness of species; Darth Vader; endangered birds; outstanding photographs; When I first met Hans Thewissen; who does not love giraffes?; it does appear that there was an explosion; evolution of eyes; lowbrow looks; Great Chain of the Internet; Ogden Nash; too many undescribed species; Augean Stables; Mesozoic cow; protrusible eyes.

February's installment will be held at The Other 95%. March will be at Catalogue of Organisms. April - From Archaea to Zeaxanthol. Get in touch if you want to host an edition!