Monday, May 5, 2008

Linnaeus' Legacy #7 at Ethical Palaeontologist

The newest edition of Linnaeus' Legacy is now available at The Ethical Palaeontologist. This month's keywords: hiking boots, gay sex, irritability, type specimens, chimaeras, dwarf woodpecker, dragon taxonomy, not insects, monkey brain, Raeticodactylus, Species Plantarum, plantains, Darwin's Garden, rapid evolution, squid necropsy, decline of the British cat, postage stamps, gardeners' binomials.

Upcoming editions:

June 5th: When Pigs Fly Returns.

July 5th: Biological Ramblings.


Julia said...

Because I've changed my template, the original link to this month's Linnaeus' Legacy no longer works.

Please click on Linnaeus' Legacy #7 to be taken back to the post concerned!

Christopher Taylor said...

I've updated the links. Thanks, Julia.