Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Linnaeus' Legacy #10: The Warbler Has Landed

Linnaeus' Legacy #10 is up at A DC Birding Blog. This month's keywords: a gull still looks like a gull, grammatical complexities, the first few billion years, gigantic ostracod, ticky land snail, specimens sitting in jars, friendly animals, larid not a Larus, ring species, enigmatic eclectus, eastern and western, not easy being green, wood warblers.

Future editions will be held at:

September 2006: The Other 95%

October 2006: PodBlack Cat

Hosts still needed for afterwards!

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Jeremy said...

I'd be willing to host a forthcoming Linneaus' Legacy at, if there are slots available. You can contact me via the site, if the email from here doesn't work.